This survey is essentially a way for me to get feedback on my blog. Tell me how I could get better! There will be no math questions and I promise I won't grade you on it :) Thanks!
Let's take this thing!
How long have you been reading my blog?

What are your favorite kind of posts?

Is my blog easy to use and access? Do things make sense?

How do you feel about the design of my blog? Is it too bland, too busy? Write your response below.

How did you find my blog?

How much do you enjoy reading my blog? (10 being I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!)

I read your blog because:

How could I make my blog better? What do you wish you could see?

Do you have any posts you wish I would write? Any topics you wish had more posts about?

How many stars does my blog get in your opinion?

Thank you so much for taking the survey! I really appreciate your feedback and time. Leave me the link to your blog/site if you like, I would love to check it out. If you have any other recommendations or anything else to email me at

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